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05/18/2015 20:15


Newly released book by our very own Prophet Karena.  If you are wondering how you fit in the forward movement of the Kingdom of God but don't know just yet what you are called to; this book will help you get started.  Order your copy today via or contact us for a bulk...
01/14/2015 05:20

I AM Spontaneous...Says The Lord!

I AM Spontaneous...Says The Lord! Exhortation Radio ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying Click here to listen!
01/14/2015 04:55


I'm always mindful to watch and listen to my fellow brothers and sisters in the Body Of Christ. The Word of God tells us that we are all going through. I understand that my adversity is not your adversity and your adversity is not my adversity...however if we are to build one another through these...
01/02/2015 01:13

Our Own Delusions Are Leading Us To Destruction

God doesn't bless because we see things manifesting in our lives {without proof of origin}; we are convinced God is blessing us. Have we forgotten that the enemy of our soul is also the greatest imposter, imitator and copy write infringer of all times? I love the portion of the movie...
10/06/2014 21:05

Lady Liberty, The Cross & The Empty Tomb

I was sitting and watching television recently and a commercial came on showing in the background the Statue of Liberty.  I didn’t see the beginning of the commercial but as I watched I wanted to know why was this statue in the commercial and what was the relation.  The more I looked at...
09/18/2014 22:33

iHeart Radio

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09/18/2014 22:02


I wanted to share this today: I had a dream recently that I believe the people of God should hear.  Often times we take for granted the very freedoms that we have today including being able to go to the church of our choice each week whether it's Saturday or Sunday.  To be honest to...


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