Do Not Be Conformed To This World...

Big Shoes To Fill

05/22/2013 13:25

Always know that TRUE anointing will precede you...wherever you go, whatever you do.

I was approached by someone once (who had never met me) with the comment 'you have big shoes to fill because folks have been speaking great things about you'. 

My response: 'nod and smile'.

So with that being said: Be aware when God has anointed you, appointed you and commissioned you to do a work for Him and His Kingdom. There will be some that will DESIRE to require of you THEIR version of how you should fit the mold. They will attempt to place you in their stringent and unnecessary pressure pot. If we are not careful...if we don't know who we are...if we don't know our purpose...we will be pulled into this web of puppetry QUICKLY and without realizing it. We must know where our lines of authority, lines of anointing and lines of purpose are and NEVER cross those boundaries at man's request. This is yet again another subtle trick of the enemy to get you off task.

Needless to say...the anointing spoke for itself and God be glorified.
¤Minister Karena¤


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