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Do Not Resuscitate

04/07/2014 19:32

     In the health care community "allow natural death" or "do not resuscitate" is a legal order written either in the hospital or on a legal form to respect the wishes of a patient not to undergo CPR nor any other advanced cardiac life support if their heart were to stop or they were to stop breathing.

Taking a look around; it seems that many have individually and collectively signed a DNR...and are slowly drifting into a comatosed state that is sure to lead to a spiritual death.


Be watchful and alarmed that the heart to worship Elohim in spirit AND in truth has begun to wither away and it’s now more about an ‘anointed’ entertainer that can seemingly get us quickly to a place of surrender yet to our emotions. 


Be watchful and alarmed that rather than receive the salvation, healing and deliverance that is afforded to us through the shed blood of Messiah many have decided to voice and vent their opinions and dislikes via this new found platform available for anyone called the internet…and that to many this…is their freedom. 


Be watchful and alarmed that rather than being led by the Holy Spirit we have chosen to follow in mass droves those who have the gift of gab and that have claimed to receive a new revelation from the Throne Room; whether true or false. 


Be watchful and concerned that the DNR has been put into place and we are slowly drifting away and from our original place of worship, salvation, healing and deliverance and guidance and leading of the Three that never quit:  The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. 

John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.  NLT


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