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Excuses Only Satisfy Those That Give Them

05/30/2013 22:10
I know it was traumatic what happened to you as a young child. I know the ex-spouse did the total opposite of what their spoken vows were. I know the baby that cuddled in your arms has hurt you to your core. I know, I know, I know... I know life has not been what you would have asked for. I can relate with at least two out of these three things listed and that's not the exhaustive list.

But tday at 41; I can't give an excuse for poor behavior, misguided judgment and bad decisions. Truth be told...not growing up in the church, not know 'religion' has caused me to seek a real God in a very real way for some real peace because of some real issues.

Everything I've done...once I knew FREEDOM...freedom in God...according to HIS WORD...I've purposed in my heart I wouldn't make an excuse for it.

I've had long, intimate conversations with The Father over these past 10 years that I've been on this journey of salvation, deliverance and healing. And the common response from Abba has been...but I loved\love you.

Once we can accept the love of Abba...AGAPE...we can see past the hurt, anger, pain, disappointment and tears.

We cannot accept what we do not believe. I inquire of you today...Do you believe the love of the Father?

He told me early on that WHOM HE SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED. So when I tell the story of the traumatic childhood event, the abusive ex-spouse and the many other trials, tribulations and issues...I speak the stories with a happy ever after ending...mine and my Father's.

Today, resolve to stop holding others accountable for pain, hurt and suffering that Jesus took on the cross. Scripture says...the chastisement of our peace was upon Him. By His stripes WE are healed.

Rather than expecting others to live up to your standard...let's try living up to His standard...being free, healed and delivered.

If you have decided to carry a's because YOU have decided to carry a grudge.

Excuses only satisfy those that give them. Jesus has taken away the excuse of: you just don't know what happened.

If you are willing...He will replace it with LOVE FROM ON HIGH. ¤Minister Karena¤


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