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Glass House or Free Indeed

03/29/2014 14:04

Recently I had a dream:  I entered into a house that was built with two stories.  On the first floor there was a refrigerator and a pantry that contained all types of food and beverages for consumption for a large number of individuals.  As I made my way upstairs I began to notice that the entire 2nd floor area was an open floor plan and that it was bright with lots of sun light entering in.  I also saw that the entire floor with the exception of an outer walkway to enter the area was enclosed in a glass-like wall. 

Behind the glass-like wall were bunk beds, comforters, clothes, etc, everything was clean and neat.  As I walked thru I began to notice that there were people inside this glass-like enclosure…who seem content. 

As time went by; I began speaking to some of the people…they had no idea that they were ‘caged in but free to leave’.  Because the presentation before them was filled with ‘light’, the comforters, clothes and other items were esthetically pleasing and catered to their hearts desires, they felt that they had all that they ‘needed’…they actually thought that they were living the good life…and could not leave.  Upon telling them that they were not locked in and free to leave…fear caused them to remain behind the glass-like wall.


How long will we remain inside the unlocked; glass-like wall that seems so safe yet has held us hostage?    

The enemy has placed before us those false, imitating gifts and items that have held our gaze far too long.  We fail to remember that satan is the imitator of light…that he holds captive those whose hearts and flesh have reigned in their lives…and have no idea that there is a true freedom in Christ that we can partake of through the work of the Cross.  Saved, healed and delivered is the portion of the people of God.  Freedom…Indeed.


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