Do Not Be Conformed To This World...

Heartbeat of God

02/04/2013 20:07

It is in our trials, tribulations and sufferings that I see those holding tightly onto the hem of His garment being perfected.  He is no respecter of persons; therefore do not be so surprised and shocked when He uses the one's so very near and dear to your heart to penetrate that same heart.  There's a standard to which He's bringing His people...all are on different levels based on their faith but we are all as little children in His sight. 

He see's so far beyond our pain, hurt and disappointment to a place of His Holy Spirit residing without diminishing. 

When we can begin to move forward and toward that perfection regardless of the pain, hurt and disappointment we will begin to see His Glory come and remain.  Begin to stop running from and run to...says the Spirit of the Lord...My people for I am truly in the mist of those who praise, worship and love me with their whole heart.  This cup beloved, cannot be removed from you, it is your portion, it is My plan and purpose for you My people.



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