Do Not Be Conformed To This World...

Hosanna! Save us!

03/24/2013 19:01

Hosanna!  (Save Us) is what they yelled out, waving their palm leaves, happy and joyous! 

Ready for victory, wanting to be free!  

But no one knew the heart of the divine God and human man that sat upon that donkey that day.  It wasn't known that He knew with all the shouts of joy and victory were only a prelude to His death and even still a spiritual death to those who would not worship Him in spirit and in truth.  He knew on that bright day that thousands of years would be even more painful because the people would not believe in Him...truthfully within their hearts; yet and still; knowing this...He made His way through the crowd and ultimately to His impending death.  

I woke up this morning; this blessed Palm Sunday. The beginning of Passion Week.  The week ending in the celebration of my Lord and Saviour's death, burial and resurrection.  Yes, I recognize the Cross and all of its power!  But in my alone time, I felt a heavy burden.  I felt despair, hopelessness, helplessness, sadness and grief.  I held back the tears, I tried to pull myself up and I asked God, what is this?  I'm not in the habit of feeling these things, I have faith, I have hope, I know where my strength is and I know where my Help comes from.  Although I didn't want to go to Sunday Service (I wanted to lay in bed and do nothing) I pressed my way.  I must get to my Father's house.  On the way, I noticed people on their daily routine, living carnal lives, satisfying lusts of the flesh...and the cry within became louder in my ears.  Finally I was at my Father's house.  I headed straight to the alter...I cried, I prayed, I wept.  The pain felt so deep...yet it wasn't my pain...that I recognized, but what was it?  I knew what I had been hearing in the spirit...but this was true?  What is this?  I walked in the back and began to speak to another minister...I leaned on her, weak, distraught spirit was evident to her.  My only response to her 'what's wrong' question was...I feel despair!  She immediately said 'go and talk with Apostle'.  

As I sat down in front of my pastor...and told her what I was feeling through tears of pain and sadness...she began to tell me everything God had shown me...that I was feeling the weight of the world, the state of being that the world and the church are in is exactly what I was feeling.  And that because we are in a sobering hour, He's allowing His handmaidens to feel His heart to pray!  She began to share with me that what I'm feeling is her message for the day!  

On a day when many are celebrating the joyous and triumphant entry of Jesus Christ...who then is laboring on the floor, in their closet and on the wall for the spiritually dead for the one's that He is coming back to judge with a mighty Hand?


He knew He would die on that cross for a people who are in such pain and turmoil...but He also knew that many of those people would reject Him...yet He still went forth.  

So, on this day as I yell Hosanna!  I yell it knowing He paid a price for a people that still want the world...yes even to this day, yes even those that proclaim a relationship with Him.

Minister Karena


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