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•Die Daily•

05/23/2013 06:00

Die Daily
Oftentimes we use ritualistic practices that seem as though we are making headway or forward movement but truly we are in a state of defunct. We have made no progress and God is not in our activities.

Many proclaim to 'die daily' but truly have no clear understanding of what this entails. When we die daily there should be a conversion taking place each time. Because of our human nature we each need to approach God with the knowledge that though we didn't physically sleep with someone that isn't our spouse, because we didn't physically murder someone, because we didn't physically steal...that we have sinned and it all falls under the same category...Sin=­Death. 

Knowing are we approaching a Holy God? We have accepted Jesus and the work of the cross. We know He died for our sins. Yet have we truly put into practice of 'dieing daily' as the Apostle Paul wrote? 

How do we do this? Many go to the 'altar' holding on to sin only to return from the 'alter' with the same sin. 

I submit that possibly we are not going to the 'alter' that we think. I submit that we are in truth going to a 'ritual' altar rather than the altar of God. 

The hebrew word for altar is mizbech...which­ means slaughter place. If we, His people are approaching the true ALTAR...our flesh (sin) should be slaughtered daily. There should be a­om sinfulness to cleanliness...d­aily. Does this mean we have reached perfection? Not at means we recognize our sinful nature and the necessity of a Savior who died for all. And we understand that as the veil was torn...we must approach our God in the way He has commanded us.

There is an action that should be taking place when approaching His altar...let's begin to •Die Daily•. ¤Minister Karena¤


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