Do Not Be Conformed To This World...


09/18/2014 22:02

I wanted to share this today: 

I had a dream recently that I believe the people of God should hear.  Often times we take for granted the very freedoms that we have today including being able to go to the church of our choice each week whether it's Saturday or Sunday.  To be honest to even go to church at openly worship our God in a public and corporate setting is a freedom that we take for granted so much.  The Word of God says do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together...then why are we determined to have a false sense of spirituality via television, internet or radio?  Do we not know that we bring an individual power and anointing into a corporate environment causing everyone to be able to pull from this amazing time in God without any one person having to become weakened?  Do we not understand the true meaning of ASSEMBLY?  Do we not understand that we can end various internal and society issues such as abandonment and poverty issues if we came together as prescribed in Acts?  The power of the church should not be contained in one person for all to drain that one person...several times in the Bible it says:  THEY CAME ON ONE ACCORD and THEN the power of God was present.  Where is our one accord?  Where is our unity?  Where is our assembly? 

In the dream; I saw ARMED military personnel from another country in THIS our neighborhoods 'herding' people to either be killed or to a centralized location.  Some of the people that were of US Citizenship and who had been forced to 'work for the other country' as gatekeepers and who 'knew' by the Spirit who we were as followers of Christ allowed us to go past the guards undetected.  As we walked through neighborhoods there were very few people outside; many were in their homes; afraid.  Armed military guards from the other country walked the streets patrolling the neighborhoods; looking...for anyone they thought would not comply.

I went into a home of an older couple; there were other people walking around in the home whom I did not recognize; yet "Somehow" I knew them and knew they were 'like me'...believers.  Each one of us went into a back room and were refilled with power and they we would leave...taking this secret to the outside with the threat of being caught and killed. 

Do we really understand what the times are coming to and are we preparing ourselves?


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