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Promotion versus Position

04/16/2013 21:19


Promotion or Position

Several weeks ago as I was laying in bed preparing to go to sleep; I heard in the spirit my right arm break. It didn't hurt, but I felt the break and it was ever so slight that had I not been paying attention, I would have missed it. I began to hear the Spirit of God speak into my spirit. He said that the right side represents authority and that in the natural when a break occurs oftentimes a doctor may have to re-break the bone to re-set it. The Lord God said so I have broken you, to re-set realign you with heaven. I immediately went into worship...right then and there. The next morning God allowed me to share that moment in time with Him not as a testimony but as a prophetic word to two other people. It was not quite ready to be released to others yet. But today God has prepared His Word to be released to His people. 

Last week, thru major God-sent events taking place in my life, God gave me the revelation of promotion versus position. 

God says your promotion is comprised of being taught and trained, gaining knowledge and being equipped...these are places you don't necessarily want to be and is quite possibly a difficult situation...these are generally man-made promotions. Just as with Joseph in jail being promoted to leader as well as being in Potiphar's home as a leader. He was promoted; however these promotions caused him as I can imagine great mental pain and anguish...knowing he did nothing wrong to become demoted. We also see there were many things he learned thru these being he was demoted just as quickly as he was promoted. Yet, during this time...he learned the attributes needed to be a GREAT leader. This was the break to realign and re-set Joseph according to heaven's purpose. 

However...your position is where God has placed you and generally includes your destiny...there is nothing man-made about this place...It's all God. When Joseph was brought before the King...this was his positioning taking place. This was the place of his destiny. His authority was aligned and all that he had learned in his various 'promotions' came into use. This place of position also contains those that you have been assigned to by heaven to lead; they have been prepared to receive heaven.

In many instances in the Bible when God referred to an individual 'perceiving' a thing...this meant they saw with their natural eyes...and then discerned with their spirit. God is saying today...see the promotion yet perceive the positioning.

This is not an "I RECEIVE THAT", "PREACH", "YOU TALKING TO ME" message...many people shout, holler and yell but miss the true nourishment that comes from actually digesting His Word, you can't eat with your mouth open...when God asked Adam...WHERE ARE YOU? God knew exactly where Adam was...but what Adam didn't know was that he was out of position. So I say to you­uate yourself and find out...WHERE ARE YOU? Get into the presence of God and know where your position is. #Don't Shout...Chew On It.


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