Do Not Be Conformed To This World...


01/14/2015 04:55

I'm always mindful to watch and listen to my fellow brothers and sisters in the Body Of Christ. The Word of God tells us that we are all going through. I understand that my adversity is not your adversity and your adversity is not my adversity...however if we are to build one another through these trying times we must first take a look on the inside.

Though we have every right to be angry and upset at the enemy because of the various trials and tribulations that we are faced is truly important that we reject the bitterness.

This emotion can become so entangled and so engrafted within us that it becomes a second skin or a blood cell or a's deep rooted and we have taken ownership.

When JESUS was on the cross the spectators...those that caused His physical pain, trials and tribulations offered Him wine mixed with vinegar. Yet when He recognized what it was...He rejected it!

And when they came to a place called Golgotha [Latin: Calvary], which means The Place of a Skull, They offered Him wine mingled with gall to drink; but when He tasted it, He refused to drink it. (‭Matthew‬ ‭27‬:‭33-34‬ AMP)

I can imagine that in His moments of humanity He was afraid; He felt alone, abandoned, why must He be sacrificed for a people who did not know Him, did not care to know Him and many did not believe in Him...yet through the maze of human emotions that He must have felt...He showed us this amazing strength to reject that which can be rejected: BITTERNESS.

How can we be effective if our undertone reflects the very opposite of our confession?

Let's take a moment to reflect within ourselves to identify any bitterness: and then reject it.

Prophet Karena Calhoun


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